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Wish for the best woman in my life
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  Age: 62   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

I'm sincere and conceited to say that I have very good moral values tied to a great sense of humor. I am a very happy individual and an excellent father. I love my Daughter dearly with all my heart. But I still have enough room for the rest of the universe to love. I am very honest, and as an individual have developed a high sense of common sense, which is most of the time coupled with lots of self esteem. I love and enjoy life to the most vibrant extend. Therefore I am always ready to have fun. I enjoy all sorts of activities, including diving, swimming, surfing, visiting museums, parks, taking long walks, as well as going to or watching movies. I am undeniably good spirited, kind, and very considerate, and I strongly enjoy to be accepted. However, I still love to be down to earth. I love getting attention and still manage to be diplomatic, and solve other people?s problems. Even though I love to handle everyone with respect and assurance, I am still capable of running my artistic edge on the confidential side and stun people with my creative side. I am very courageous and fearless, because I am extremely adventures. I love riding rollercoaster?s, bungee jumping, jumping from an airplane etc?. I love to give generously to people, who really need it, such as poor kids in the 3rd world. I like to wear casual, comfortable clothes. Another characteristic of mine is to motivate others; I simply enjoy that, even though I don?t do that a lot. I must also admit that I am exceptionally open-minded. For example; I strongly believe that there is life on the other planets and there is a lot of intelligence out in the rest of the universe. I love the smell of a woman's leaves on her shirt. I firmly believe that dark chocolate is a necessary tool to survive in this world. I love to forgive quickly if something bitchy happens, kiss passionately when I am in love, love truly and dearly with all my heart, mind and soul, laugh hysterically if there is something really witty, and smile like the sun and I would be still capable of delivering the promise of not burning anyone with my radiance. I love romance and am a true romantic. I love sunrises, sunsets and feeling the warmth of the sun dance on my skin with a breeze of a soft wind. I stop and smell the fields of flowers. I love the sight of forests, mountains, hilly fields, or the light glistening through the woods. I enjoy small surprises on occasion spur of the moment things. I measure trice and cut once.
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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a very nice woman who is Caring, Honest, Good sense of humor, loving, fun to be with some one that will love kids and have time to share with her man... some one i can trust with all my heart.

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