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Laughter's good for the soul!
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  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Hampshire United States
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About Me

I've never been married and I have 4 kids. I still believe in romance and happily ever after, but I'm not disillusioned about it. I know there is no such thing as 'perfect' and for that I'm glad. I'm shy at first but once I warm up, I am witty, fun and adventurous. If you can laugh at anything, and sometimes find yourself laughing about things you probably shouldn't then we'll most likely get along. I can be a bit off the wall, but I know where to draw the line(or do I?). I have a bit of a wild side...I love road trips, comedian connection, but I also know there is a time and place for everything. I'm equally responsible and practical. I know there needs to be a balance in life and I manage that effortlessly. On an average day I can be found down at the park, reading, doin scentsy parties , spending time with family or driving around with friends blasting 80's music and acting like a complete dork. (That is when I'm not working...I am employed full time)

Things I am NOT interested in: Hunting, Nascar, golfing, drugs, excessive partying. I'm not big into sports, however if you want to watch football every Sunday, that's cool cuz I can shop every Sunday...win, win!
Things I am NOT attracted to physically: Men that are shorter than me. I'm 5'10 and sometimes I wear heals...I like a guy I can look up at. Excessive facial hair....just doesn't do it for me. Men that are balding but still have a ponytail.(although I have no problem with men that are balding gracefully, or men that can actually rock the long hair)I don't prefer slender men, heck I'm not a big fan of men that are super jacked either.

I'm pretty blunt and I believe in always being upfront. If I want to know something, I'll ask. But on the flip side I don't over analyze things(like a lot of girls) so I will not know if you're actually interested until you say it. I never notice when guys flirt with me...my friends think it's hilarious...I just assume they're being friendly. But I guess that's why I'm on a dating site haha I think it's also important that I put it out there that I am NOT a slender girl. If you are looking for a barbie, it's not me, nor will it ever be. However, I started going to the gym back in May and have lost 30 lbs this year. I am a work in progress. But if you're the type of guy who relies on looks alone, then in the end lonely is what you'll be. I don't want someone who thinks I'm 'good enough for now'. I want someone who thinks I am perfect the way I am, and who will just be proud when I reach MY own personal goals. Still reading? Awesome! haha

To wrap this up I'll just say I AM and amazing person, I have a lot to offer the right person, and I know there is a person in the world that isn't necessarily perfect, but is indeed perfect for me

What I'm Looking For

someone that's emotionally available. Someone that has their own interests and activities, but at the same time isn't going to hesitate to find a way to let me know they're thinking of me. I truly appreciate the little things, because I know not everyone gets that in life. I'm fairly independent so I don't need constant attention, but someone that is willing to meet in the middle would be perfect. If we have common interests that's great, but if not he must be willing to listen to mine and share his with me....we don't need to be exactly alike..I've been dating myself for awhile now, I'm over it haha I'd also like someone that isn't afraid to be affectionate, yet isn't going to maul me(ok sometimes that's good too) holding hands is such an underrated expression of feelings....that simple gesture sometimes means more than flowers or big` gestures.

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