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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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  Smokes only when drinking
  Clean Cut
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About Me

Ok, I like to go out and have fun(duh). I can drink and have a good time without getting retarded(some ppl should def stay at home). I enjoy working out but its not really fun unless you have a workout partner(did I ever lie?). I go to the gym, go jogging, play sports; basketball, tennis, golf. I've been told that people can tell me anything and I'm always the one my friends turn to for advice. Seems like I end up trying to solve peoples problems for them but as long as they're sincere I don't mind.

I listen to just about all types of music depending what kind of mood I'm in. I listen to everything, hip hop, alternative, some rock and some country all depending on what kind of mood I'm in. My last gf would still swear that Im the best man she could ever find and wanna have kids with....but she still found it in her heart to lie like crazy and be all around trifling behind my back, so here I am single with the world supposedly my oyster. Im a thinker, a dreamer. I can drown you in deep thoughts or just splash in the puddles of life as long as you can keep me smiling(is that corny? I just made that up :p).

So yea.... I stay active. Im tall. I have big feet ;) I have all my teeth lol. Not expecting much from this site. But I am looking to find a woman to be real with. Maybe just share good times whether dining out, catching a movie, or tearing up the town at night. You wanna get to know me?(click that msg box)

What I'm Looking For

I wanna find the one. I bet you can probably picture the ideal guy in your head. He's confident, attractive, and knows how to have an awesome time no matter where or what is going on. Hes someone who gives you a rush just to hear his voice, and hes always having a good time. Remember that feeling you get in your stomach when you think about kissing or touching some hot guy. It feels like bubbles or butterflies, and you just die to be in that persons arms because you knew the moment you saw them you were gonna do anything in your power to make it happen.

Now, with me, I feel like so many people get caught up trying to fit some image of happiness they never find out what it is they actually want. What if that fulfillment was right here right now. That good time is waiting for you to make your move before its too late. You dont wanna be one of those people who waits around forever. So yeah lets do it.


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