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Taking A New Path, Anyone Want To Follow Me?
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The Basics
  Age: 46   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Berea Ohio United States
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  Yes - living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I am a funny guy, and not just when it comes to my looks :). I am out going and really do enjoy spending my time outside. I am not saying I want to take long walks on the beach, I am just saying I like to be outside. I do enjoy walking and hiking, because it keeps me in shape, I recently lost 90 pounds and I feel good about it. I want to be more active, jog more walk less, or at least hike to where it raises my heart rate.

I can not tell you what I want because all the qualities I may be looking for in that special person may not be what is actually given to me. I may get qualities in someone that I never knew I wanted until I met that person. I hope that makes sense to you ladies.

I work as a Corrections Officer which is a challanging job, and not rewarding at all. I have a dream to become a police officer before it is too late. Even if it is just part time in a small town I would be happy with that. I will be 40 in September, so if I do not get myself into a police academy before my 41st birthday then my time has passed.

I am a unique person because I try to live my life as God wants me too. That does not mean that I do not make mistakes, but I try to learn from those mistakes. I try to look at things for what they can be and not what they are. I work hard at trying to be a better father for my daughter, so that when she grows up her morals will be in the right place.

My daughter is my life and when she needs me I hope to be there. For her first love, her first heart break, and even when she get married. Luckly she is only 5 so I hope I do not have to worry about that for quite some time.

I have a wide taste in music, from Christian, to RandB, Old School, 70's 80's 90's to Country. I am not into rap, or heavy metal. The reason I do not like those kinds of music is because I could never grasp the reason for screeming into a microphone, and as for rap I just to not like songs that call women B's H's and talk about drugs and shooting cops, and the use of the N word.

Speaking as a mixed person with a black father and white mother, I absolutely can not stand the N word. So if you feel that you need to make that a part of your everyday vocabulary, then please pass over my profile.

I need to be upfront and let you ladies know that even though I am serious about a relationship, there are a few things you need to know. Do I have a job... Yes ... Not a great paying job but it pays the bills. I will be getting a part time job to have the extra money. Do I have kids... Yes which if you read my bio it states that. My daughter is my life and if forced to pick between her and a relationship then I will ALWAYS pick my daughter.

There is no drama between me and her mother but we are friends, and if things progress between me and someone special then they will meet my daughter and her mother...

I do not own my own home, I rent. I made money mistakes in the past but have taken steps to put my credIt back in order. So if your looking for a sugar daddy then please believe I am not the one.

I am not a drinker, I do not have a problem with people who do drink as long as it does not become a problem for them.

Drugs of any kind unless over the counter or given by a doctor are a no-no. I will not put my job at risk for anyone.

If your looking for a good honest hard working man who will give total commitment, make you laugh, treat you like you want to be treated. Never lay hands on you in a harmful way, be spontanious then please let me know, I believe I am that man. Just look past my meanness in my pictures lol. I am only mean at work :).

Right now I am just focusing on providing for my daughter. Taking one day at a time taking care of what matters most. I would like to go back to school and get a degree in criminal justice but as much as I hate to say it, going back to school does not promise anyone a good job.

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What I'm Looking For

I am a bolt, looking for the right size nut. I dont mean that the way some people think lol, just trying to use different ways of saying I want someone who feels that we fit good together. Someone who has good morals, and believes that even if the past was bad, the future is still what ever you make of it.

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