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I promise to put the toilet seat back down.
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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Illinois United States
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About Me

Hello to all,

Well, where to begin... I'm a single guy (obviously, otherwise why would I be on this site) who is just looking for someone to make me complete (once again, kinda obvious).

I've always been an up-beat type of a guy. Life is a good thing and I try to cherish every waking moment. We're only on this planet for a set time, why not make the most of it? I've never been a negative thinker. Most of the time I'm always upbeat and positive. A lot of people notice this about me and they always say that I can bring a smile to their face.

I am a big kid at heart but at the same time I know when to be mature. If your mature and by the book at all times, wheres the fun in that? I'm usually the one who is starting the water fights in the summer or throwing the first snowball in winter and I usually get pelted with water balloons or snowballs afterwards. Revenge, gotta love it... =)

I don't mind a quiet night in snuggled up under the blanket on the sofa (as a matter of fact, my shoulders make pretty good pillows). I tend to find myself holding the person I am with very tightly so she knows that I am there and that she is protected. I'm also the guy who likes giving forehead kisses just to say that I'm right here.

I enjoy many different types of things. I guess you could say that I'm pretty unique when it comes to that aspect of my life. I've always wanted to bungee jump even though I'm terrified of heights. I'm learning how to SCUBA dive even though the thought of getting eaten by a shark wildly runs through my mind.

I've studied martial arts most of my life and I have had to use it before. I'm actually a very peaceful person, I don't like conflict but I will always stand up for myself, my family, friends, and that special someone when she enters my life.

Well, that's all that I can think to put in here as of right now. So, if you like what you have read and would like to get to know me, send me a message. I do have a picture but I don't like posting all that good stuff online (just personal preference with my job).

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone special, someone who I can care for treat well. I am looking to make someone happy and just enjoy our time together.

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