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Let's make paper airplanes!
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  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Prefer Not To Say   Location: California United States
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  Very Short
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About Me

Hello there,

I am a student with about three semesters (including this one) left to go before I obtain my B.A. In Geography, with a minor in Russian. I will be spending a great deal of time with schoolwork, so you would need to be okay with this.

I am a quiet, reserved, and sometimes shy individual, especially with beginnings. Some have told me that I always look as if I have something on my mind. I do have an active mind filled sometiems with wonder, worry, and dreams. Other times it's simply processing what my senses are taking in and mapping out a way to manuver through the exterior reality. My humor is witty, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes goofy. I can be a goofy one and a bit nerdy when I talk about my interests. While I am not one looking to be in the middle of things, I like people watching. We are a funny race, we humans!

Some general interests of mine include burning energy, reading, learning, exploring, and cooking. Some specifics: hiking; walking; rock climbing; running; C.S. Lewis; Romantic art, history, and literature; Russian art, history, and literature; Calvin and Hobbes; applied science; structures (grammar, buildings, molecular); enjoying an authentic ethnic meal; taking long drives and exploring a new area of town; and creative works in design and color.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a guy who is as strange as I am (in the good way, of course!). He had a mature mind (takes care of his responsibilities, respects commitments, and thinks well) and a childlike heart (open to learn and explore). I don't think chivalry is dead, and so doesn't he. Yes, connection by shared interests it great, but more so is connecting on a deeper level. How do you see life? What place does God have in your life? How do you see others? It is important for me to have good influences around me, especially ones who think well, but are not intellectual snobs having left their heart out in the cold. I want him to be someone I can talk about everything with and receive well thought-out responses that involve the heart, too. I don't care for or respect fickle or lazy minds wanting to be politically correct, but neither do I desire to spend my life with someone who thinks he knows it all. I desire truth, and he does, too.

I am not in any rush towards settling down. It takes time to get to know eachother, to find out if we connect and want to spend the rest of our time here, this side of heaven, with eachother. How sentimental it may sound, I want us to like, love, and know that we can't live without each other.


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