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Howdy. More too come.
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  Age: 53   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Carolina United States
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About Me

I was born in Carmel California, and spent 43 years of my life in Southern California. I am now in Raleigh, NC.

I tend to listen more than I talk. I am someone who likes to stay focused, although I am more than capable of multitasking quite a few things at once. I only know a few people in this area, I prefer 1-on-1 interactions or small groups rather than large crowds. I try to get through life by doing the "right" thing. Of course, in retrospect, I have made my share of mistakes. One mistake I have made was trusting certain people in my life more than I should have, and now I am paying for it. I hope that some day I will be able to find some irrefutable trust in the world, I certainly haven't given up hope. I enjoy the "art of thinking", which makes me more quiet than most. I enjoy making others laugh. Not so much as a joke-teller, but more as a remark-maker.

If you are curious about what makes me tick or what sort of personality I might have... you will probably want to research "Scorpio Traits", because in at least my case, and seemingly beyond my control, most descriptions are hauntingly accurate. Also, just for the record... I am a southpaw.

I believe that life is precious so you won't find me out on any hunting trips, and my bug policy is simply: 'if I can tolerate holding it in my hand, I will most likely be escorting it to a new home outside instead of stomping on it.' I am one of those folks who feels having animals in your life really does add a bit more quality to it. It doesn't matter... dogs, cats, rabbits, mere-cats, capybaras, squirrels...they are all cool in my book. Favorite cat breeds: Tortie or Sphinx... Favorite dog breed: Basset-Hound.

I do have two food issues: I dislike uncooked or partially-cooked tomatoes and mushrooms.

What I'm Looking For

I am a SUCKER for women with short straight hair, you know...the kind that stops near their neck or shoulders, I was recently informed that this style is called a "Bob" cut. Regardless of it name, I do so like the way it accents a woman's face.

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