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I'm a down to earth driven attractive female
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  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Albany New York United States
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About Me

First I'd like to thank my Lord and savor for allowing me food, shelter, and security, thank you lord. I'm Jasmine Im,black,and white, but I look peurto rican. I'm 6 foot 2 but for a tall female I'm gourgeous so I love it!! I'm a leo, down to earth, I go to college now for culinary arts to be a gourmet chef amd open up my own restaurant one day. What makes me unique is my honesty and my creativity. Also my confidence makes me unique I never give up I aways keep trying, I am really different and u will realize that. "I'm not on here for sex". Everyone seems too only talk to me because of my looks and my body the first thing guys say is "damn I want to have sex with her" That really upsets me because I'm so much more than looks.. why can't someone talk to me to get to know ME!! I honestly keep getting hurt by men and its usually from the most attractive guys that just want one thing from me so they talk sweet things into my ear until they get it and once they do its always the same thing they leave and I never hear from them again.. and if your like me and your looking for more with that person and that person just has sex with you and keeps it moving knowing that you TRUSTED that person it's going to hurt!

I really just want to build a strong friendship before even thinking about having sex because when we become bestfriends and we finally take it to the next level its a much better feeling then jus hoppin on it the first day. I have to really get to know you really well first friends before lovers. I'm looking for someone who is very respectful. If you smoke you minus will keep it moving that is so nasty and its a turn off don't say "well it's just weed or "I only smoke on the weekends or I only smoke occasionally" It's still a turnoff I want to be kissing you not your ashes!! I'd feel like we don't have anything in common talking to someone who smokes. Anyways He has to have a job so I don't always have to spend money on the guy "all the time" I'm not a goldigger I'd never empty out a mans bank account or make him take me shopping ( I have my own money for that trust me) or ask him to buy this or buy that alot of girls are like that in fact 90 percentage of women are like that but I'm not. If my man or a friend spends his money on me I'll return the favor I believe in going half or taking turns but if its always me or always you thats not good at all. I am not a jumpoff and I am not looking for a fling. The guy has to have a sense of humor you know..make me laugh.. I'm very goofy so I'm always laughing I don't want to talk to someone who is just BLAH.

I don't care about what people think I love to be myself. I'm beautiful I don't wear makeup I have real hair real nails I don't do plastic surgery or none of that fake stuff I like to show natural beauty. I never judge but I will be honest and tell you your not my type, I'm definately a ride to die chick because my life aint all that and guys gave up on me but I've never cheated and gave up on them I definately stick with you through the rough times because I'm your girl so thats automatic with me im loyal so you wont have to worry about me leaving you as hard to believe this sounds but It's true cheating is a waste of time just move on if your not happy with whoever your with duh!!. I'd expect you to be here for me when times are rough as well. So If you want to get to know a beautiful down to earth female that will be loyal to you and keep you happy and make you feel good and all that good stuff..oh and a woman that will cook great meals for you I'm here you will not be dissapointed!First Datefor a first date I would go to a public place somewhere entertaining so the guy im with won't be bored or dissapointed( well theres nothing to be dissapointed about) and we will definately go somewhere nice to eat before or after thats a definate. He will definately go home happy!!


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What I'm Looking For

If you are black or spanish If you are a tall, at least 6 foot 2 and up, handsome, funny, respectful doesn't force you to have sex, family oriented, sensitive, loves to travel and go places and experience new things,doesn't smoke meaning no weed, no pot, no cigarettes, no marijuana NOTHING.. smoking is a turnoff I like my man to be pure, doesn't have kids, is NOT a thug, is not guetto, doesn't do drugs, disease free, drama free, has goals in life, clean, smart, honest,can be appreciative definately has to be loyal and is big on communication then message me and guys "actions speak louder than words".


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