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Yahaw Cowboys who needs to be saved? lol
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  Age: 46   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: Kansas United States
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HI yall, how ru goodlooking feallas doing?
Well Im a single mama of two little ones and I am NOT looking for a daddy for them thay have one and I dont want them to get confused okay.. So now the teason y i am on here is becuz I am ready to find me someone who I can go out and have a really good time with... I would like to talk to someone who has kiddos himself, u know comming off the same page if u know what i mean.
Someone one who understands that we just cant jump and go but thats ok with me I do belive that "THE BEST THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT, BUT THEN U GET TIRED OF WAITING SO THEN IT IS UP TO U TO GO OUT AND GET IT"!


What I'm Looking For

OK lets be honest on here om we are all grown folks and we know what we r attractive to sooo, I will let u k ow is that I am VERY FOND OF MEN IN THE HOLE COWBOY LOOK... Let me tell u that it just makes me come all undone!!!!!
So if u feel like we should be talking well u know what to do ok...


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