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Smile, Baby. It looks good on you<3
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Yadkinville North Carolina United States
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About Me

Hey I'm Heather :] I don't know how else to start this than the basics first. However, I will inform you I'm very far from a basic woman.

I have three children. A stepson who is 5 (he currently lives with his mother) A three year old boy and a ten month old girl. I'm going to tell whom ever is reading is now, if you are racist, get off my page. Yes, I have a mixed baby and no I will not stand for that kind of ignorance on my profile.

I am currently a stay at home mother, until I can get my son ready for school and my daughter is old enough to be away from her mother. Like one or two years old. Than I will apply for another job. (I quit my previous one for multi-reasons)

I do not have a car, but when we are able to get one, I am hoping to get my license. That way I can have my freedom.

I have a lot of ambition, unfortunately I never know where to start. I'm extremely out spoken and it's hard to blow me away and knock me on my ass. But when it happens, you will def. know about it. I love being random, though I am shy and sometimes I need a push to get out of my safe zone in public..like dancing in a water fountain. Lol. I love LOVE, but then again who doesn't?

Family is extremely important to be. And I enjoy being outside, it just takes someone else to get me up. I think tattoos and piercings are beautiful. I'm not the kind of girl that goes to church. I try to sleep whenever I can. I do enjoy cooking. I'm still a beginner though. :/ I love music more than a fat kid loves cake. It's more of a need.

Body status: Now, I'm 185 at 5'7. Yes, I consider myself thicker than every girl in the world && I've got big BIG hips :3. I have had two kids in three years under the age of 21, I'm not a twig, I don't plan to be. I have scars that dance across my tummy. I don't have a flat stomach. I'ma be honest I'm not the best but I'm not the worst.

I am bi. Woman are beautiful but men have this strange attraction to them that I enjoy. Plus they are easier for me to understand. Woman are a lot different. I always get shy and loss of words. Never know if I'm going to make her mad or not, I try to be honest but not to honest.

Disclaimer: I do have a husband, and yes he knows about my sexuality. Not only does he embrace it, he thinks it would be best for me if I met a woman and possible had a girlfriend. The matter of the fact is, he is sent out of town for work. We are lucky if he comes home on weekends. I can understand if you are not comfortable with this and just want to be friends. But if you are and you want a relationship, I don't see why we can't give it a try.

But I'm open to the world so ask me please. I beg of you Message me.

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What I'm Looking For

I would love to met a woman who is interested in a relationship. If you want to be just friends that is fine also. If your a guy, I'd love to be friends <3 Btw...my daughter is trying to eat the table....Send me a message we can get to know eachother. Xoxo

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