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Got a real heart to share?
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Yuma Arizona United States
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About Me

First things first. I have poor spelling and I do try very hard. I've just always had problems writing/typing. </3

Where do I start? Uh... I'm really close to my friends and love meeting new ppl all around the country. I enjoy long walks on the beach... yes I'm serious or even around a lake bed... basically anything outdoors around a water source. The rain is amazing! Living in AZ as you know is a dry area. We don't get much rain and its a blessing when it hits. Driving around on a Saturday night wasting gas... I don't mind as long as I'm with friends or that special someone. <3

I'm not your average Joe... I see the good in everyone and always focus on the positive qualities rather then the negative. I'm a talker better get used to it LOL. I'm a vegas person at heart. I LOVE SIN CITY! I've always wanted to move there. The night life all the busy rushing people. Fast pace environments are always a plus in my book. The only thing keeping me where I'm at is probably my Father and siblings. I couldn't leave them at this time in their age. =(

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What I'm Looking For

I might as well let you know a few things.
I'm looking for a mature female. Possibly a lil older would be nice. For some reason I'm just attracted to mature women but, don't let that discourage you if you want to get to know me. Just a preference I can't have everything my way can I? ;)
Someone who I can talk to and hold a conversation and not go to a restaurant and order a salad with the salad on the side if you catch my drift lol.

If you need to know more just drop a line I'll respond... sometimes hahaha


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