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Just a simple lady and looking for You..
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: .... Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia
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Just a simple lady and looking for You..Well read my profile first and you will know who I am !!!

I Am here in Malaysia right now.... Finally, if you already have 1000 chat "friends" online, ask yourself do you really need 1 more??

I don't play with feelings..I've been hurt enough to not do that..I am a person who believe in fate rather than chance,i believe in destiny although we have to make our own journey,i believe god had planned things before us..so all i am doing now is enjoy and cherish every blessing that is given to me..I simply relish my life with the person who truly care for me and who really love me. aside from that,I also love my distraction they make my life ore fascinating and exuberant.I am a very optimistic person..I always perceive things on a positive manner..I believe that difficulty is an opportunity in disguise..so I take all possible chances that I can because i know that we can never turn back time.. that is why i have no regret..

Well,I am slim i have a dark long hair and brown eyes I have a brown skin ( not black and also not white) So I could say that I am a pure filipina.. And also I am shy and sensitive..Want to stay in one side quiet and sometimes speechless. . .I hate jokes (sometimes)..

Note: I am not here for fun or games so..don't contact me if you just need pass time..I am totally here for a serious relationship... and I believe everything's happen for a reason.....So if we meet here it means God have plan for us...And then..let's see if the fait will favour for us... And if You wrote me a short letter (HI or Hello) it will be still ok to me I would understand...At least You tried to write a words for me.. (I treasure it even Your one letter) So if there something wrong about my English please tell me so we can repair the damage earlier..And also I don't judge any person and also I don't judge myself I don't say that I am smart or pretty that is why I wrote to my profile that my appearance is only average...I like to encounter people who are honest and who are open minded...

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What I'm Looking For

I don't set standards just be you.the real you!! I am not here to change you..I believe if you love someone you can embrace all of his personality and whatever he is..one important thing is we believe to each other..he will be there through thick and thin...a man who can stay forever and wants to spend his next years to me though hair may turn to gray. I prepare mature man since i can find him mature in decision making and emotionally.a man that will be there when i need someone,someone that will not be scared to hold my hands,cuddle and show affection towards me. someone that enjoys quiet nights in and can also stay by my side,if you can do romantic things then that is a huge plus..not into time waster,or people that just want a one night stand..

My poem describe what I am looking for-that someone..that someone is far more..than just a friend that someone you want with you until the end that someone gives you butterflies way down deep..the thought of their loss makes you lose...sleep that someone makes you warm inside at their thought it is an incredible.feeling like cannot be bought that someone would lay down their very life they would lay down all to cure your every strife that someone is your blanket when you are feeling cold that someone you would not trade for all the gold you tell them your deepest,darkest secrets and fears that someone will cry with you to share your tears you cannot wait to tell them about your day cause you know full attention to you they will pay that someone doesn't care what you look like when you wake how you look, what you wear whatever your state they make all well when you are feeling down they pull you up when your sinking and about to down when things are tough you know they will be there halve your problems by taking on a share you know that someone will always be there for you and you want to always be there for them too that someone will watch over you when you fell unwell they know when you're sad or mad or glad these feelings they can tell your connected inside with each other you know when you need space they go or attention. they will show that someone will not judge what you do or who you are they are your number one fan, and you are their star that someone would rather spend all their time with...their one cause no other gives them love or shares such fun my point is that someone is more than just a friend, mate, or lover they are one with you,they're apart of you they are like no ther it's not what your called,whether friends, lovers,or mates it's a feeling you share, if it's there don't let it waste to deny is a sin,many great loves have never been it may not work then..again it may be great, it remains to be seen there are ear and doubts but it all part of life trust in me,as i do in you, it all feels right that someone to me i hope will be thee i hope to you,that someone is me

If you have kids already it's ok to me... Thank you for reading...I hope I didn't offend you...


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