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  Age: 54   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Austin Texas United States
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About Me

I'm a dad, loving, caring, in search of the right girl, funny, loyal, friendly, intelligent, creative, well rounded, educated, life experienced, realistic, honest and trying to live a good, meaningful and happy life. I'm in better shape than a lot of men my age. I work hard and am very strong, but not in quite the shape I used to be in. My pics are all very recent. I do some work with bands, love live music and try to go often. I like Texas music, Americana, Country Rock, Pop, Alternative, Rock, Roots Rock, Reggae, older stuff like 50's to 90s and more. For movies, I like comedies, documentaries and films with good stories. For TV, I like comedy, news, science and sports, mainly Cowboys, Red Sox, Texas Tech and UT. I spent a little time in Hollywood, write screenplays, am an artist and write songs as hobbies. I own a home renovation business. I like outdoors stuff. Going to the coast or snow skiing would be my favorite vacations and driving to Fredericksburg, Lake Travis and going to Zilker Park would be good local activities. My daughter and I like to do stuff on the spur of the moment. I spend a lot of time going to parks and at the pool. I love what Austin has to offer. I'm not waiting until I get old to start a bucket list. Mine has been in process for a long time, but many of the things I've done, I still want to do again or do better, like; run a marathon, visit Europe, make a movie, ride a unicycle (got one for xmas), surf, bungie jump, create and sell art, learn new things. I still have a lot to learn, to do and to get out of my system. My favorite person is my six-year-old daughter. She makes me laugh, think about things, see life from a different point of view and makes me want to be a good man. She has a pink drum set, is very smart, friendly, artistic and beautiful. Being a dad is number one for me. I have my daughter half of the time and don't want to miss out on anything while she is young, still wants me around and I can appreciate the great opportunity and mirracle I've been given. On a normal day together, we usually do just the usual stuff, like; homework, filling the bird feeders, watching TV or movies, playing with toys or the new games she thinks up, drawing, painting pictures, reading stories, having quality daddy/daughter time by sitting on the porch sharing a popsicle and talking about stuff, feeding the ponies across the street... Everything else fits in there somewhere. That being said, I have about half of the time off from being fulltime dad and would like to share some of that time with someone.z
What I'm Looking For

My type is; confident, independent, very intelligent, educated, well raised, logical, realistic, normal, has her share of faults, doesn't take herself too seriously, isn't selfish, is honest to herself, expects to be treated well and does the same in returns, doesn't lead with her needs first and understands that men need romance, honesty, attention and respect too, wants a man that is strong, confident, soft, humble, is well rouded, smart, funny and has his share of faults too. Historically, she is petty with or without make up, probably white, thin or athletic, long hair, my age or up to about ten years younger, nice smile, well put together, pretty eyes, feels sexy, doesn't feel or act old, either has a young child or is very cool being with someone that does.

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