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I assure you. Only 50% of this was cut-n-paste:)
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: santa monica California United States
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About Me

I have had this profile for awhile and was getting a certain type of person that would respond. So I am finally taking the time, investing in this site - to a point, and talking/typing about myself. To which I don't like to do.

My name is Brendan sometimes brendy. Hopefully you don't call me the last one, I hate it. Makes me feel 12. I took some time to think about words that describe me, its hard. Not hard because I can't think of any words. Its because everything has been heard before, and assumed as a line. I don't use lines, I say what I mean. I'm just a good hearted person. I don't get into fights. I don't drink very often, when I do I have been told I am pretty funny. I love to meet new people. Except neighbors, always feels forced. I love to wake up early and go running, especially when its raining. I could pretty much go on and on. I am just a genuine guy, that wears his heart on his sleeve, but totally hides it.

I work career-wise as a couple things, but mainly I started my own business. Yes, I am a nerd. No, I don't play video games. Yes, I work out. No, I don't have shirtless pictures. Yes, I look amazing naked, well at least I think so;)

I am not looking to change anyone, I kind of know exactly what I want. I know this type exists because I have met qualities of this type. Just not all in the same model. Yea I just compared girls to cars, sorry. I am very sarcastic but I always apologize for it. Typically if I joke with you it means I like you. Its weird how that works right? I don't get it either.

I won't get too deep with my opinions in life but I'll preface it with; yes I do read and I have brains. I watch the news. No, I am not political. Yes, I'm cool if you are, just don't loose it on me if I don't join your side. Nor am I religious, same applies above. All that said, I will never try to sway you to believe what I do, otherwise if we agree on everything then we will be those boring people that don't speak to each other at the restaurant.

I think this profile is a good start to kinda get where I am coming from in life.

Hit me up, I'm really easy going and the opposite of boring.

If I messaged you and your reading this, I assure you. Only 50% of it was cut-n-paste:)

Also - Sorry for my horrible grammar. I went to engineering school for crying out loud!

What I'm Looking For

What am I looking for in a girl? Classy, funny, mature yet not afraid of vulgar humor. Loyal and good at communication, cause holding feelings in blows. Obviously we have to be attracted to each other. Affectionate, yet not slutty, unless its a birthday present to ME. Smart and hopefully smarter then me, yet I'll never admit you are;)

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