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With some Confidence, you can Achieve anything! ;D
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Gastonia North Carolina United States
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About Me

lets see here, what to say...

First of all, i know most ladies will not like this first part but...im a gamer, i enjoy videogames, they are fun, easy to get addicted to...and well its a better addiction than doing drugs that put you into the hospital lol ( yes ill stick with my xbox..thanks). with a huge fascination with japanese culter, studying history, as well as being an anime/manga fan, id really like to meet a woman who enjoys the same things i do... ( i dont expect her to be a complete manga/anime freak...but atleast have some interest in it.) I'm a Gentleman... i was raised to have manners... opening doors for ladies, treating her with respect, showing her a good time without being too over the top, im a really nice guy, very easy to talk to aswell im very artistic. I have been an artist practically all my life, since around the age of 3 iv been able to draw just about anything and everything, so i decided to take that skill and use it towards a bachelors degree in videogame arts/graphic design, so im really excited about that. im a very open minded guy, i try my best to try everything atleast once, whether its trying new foods, listening to a different kind of music, going to new places... im usually the first to jump on the idea and make it an interesting experiance.

i have to be blunt about this: my sense of humor is amazing lol i can be very sarcastic at times, very witty and im just really fun to be around ( or atleast i try to be ) im addicted to making others laugh and smile, i dont like to be surrounded by negative people so i do my best to make them happier. COMPLETE GOOFBALL!

I love music, in a very wide variety. i enjoy everything from heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, to R&B, rap, hip/hop, smooth jazz, neo soul, latin, techno, dubstep, transe, acoustics, classical, and sometimes even country. (but for the most part im a metalhead)lol. aswell i play the guitar, im not great at it, but for being self taught...id say im pretty good. ;D

i can be a very loving partner, i do enjoy letting my partner know how i feel, and i try to express myself in ways that arent too overbearing, or suffocating, but enough to make her smile and know that she's loved. i have a good respect for someones personal space, but i enjoy snuggling and long intelligent conversations, i do love sex,(alot lol) but to me... you could have the greatest body in the world, but if you are as dumb as a box of rocks, i wont be too inclined to stick around. im a sucker for women with glasses too, its strange but i find them increditly hot ;)

Lastly, im a very hardworker, iv worked for everything i own, im not too keen on being given things without earning them first. i have a great respect for anyone whos had to work 3 jobs to support themselves through life, through school, and still manage to function afterwards on only small hours of sleep. i was in the military for 6 years and if its taught me anything... its that you have to work for the things you want, and when you do, your rewards are FAR more worth the effort you put into achieving them.

So if you made this far, then i would LOVE to meet you ;) so dont be scared, message me! lol i dont bite... ( ok maybe i do lol) but message me anyway ;)

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What I'm Looking For

I would love to find a woman who is Artistic, Creative, Easy going, Cute, Intellectual, and Fun to be around and Nerdy...I love a woman with Glasses, and a good head on her shoulders, a good sense of humor, and easy to talk to.

she needs to be Intelligent, Everyone wants to be with someone who looks good on the outside but i also need someone i can have a good conversation with about subjects that go beyond how her purse looks...or what mall should we go to, im tired of meeting women who were raised on "Jersey Shore" and who dont have a brain cell in their head to save their life. lets be honest here... its getting kind of old.

Id love to meet a woman who enjoys showing affection, at anytime, anywhere... im a huge fan of PDA ( thats "public displays of affection" ) honestly i could care less who is watching me when i show my feelings for the woman im with, im there with her, not them so it doesnt really matter to me, because im not out to win popularity contests, i simply want her to know shes loved and appreciated.

Lastly, and this is a long shot but I would love to meet a woman who enjoys videogames, computers, technology, science, and or Intellectual advancement. ( im not expecting to find someone who enjoys ALL of those descriptions, but atleast a few of them would be nice.) so if you like any of these, please god let me know lol! im not too difficult to please but its always good to know that your partner enjoys the same things you do.


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