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I don't usually shout... :)
Online: 2564 days ago   Updated: 2564 days ago   Joined: 2570 days ago
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Indian   Location: Bangalore Karnataka India
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About Me

Alright.. I'm the boy next door! I'm slim and ppl usually under-weigh me. I'm clumsy and like every other guy- lazy too. But I'm mostly clean in all of the things that matters.. I blabber a lot and I'm fun..

I'm really into walking.. I can walk like all day totally alone.. I'm a stalker! I stare at girls till they think am creepy and give me that scorching and scathing look! I know it's pathetic but I just couldn't help it.. Every girl looks cute in way to me... :)

My friends say that I'm cool, I'm not so sure about that but I'm definitely not that jerk nerds and girls hate most. Am not a nerd either, so I'm so damn sure that I'm not boring... I hate sun! I would much rather die out of cold than facing the sun!

I'm way too much into the internet! it's all I've known for over a decade besides basket ball and arm-wrestling! I can watch movies without a break for 24 hours and often I sleep on alternative days :)

And I read too.. I just read everything that's interesting. No boundaries there..
and I'm really really patient. The only thing that matters to me is if people trust me or not...
And most important of all - I'm so random...

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What I'm Looking For

Someone to make life more fun in every way! but not very serious... getting serious takes a lot more than a couple of miss you mails :)

Someone who can talk! I'm a good listener and I'm always curious to know things. If things are too personal to share with me.. I myself change the topic.

But I'm all open for friendship... someone who can call me and tell me that I'm an as....e for not replyin the mail is mostly what I need right now...


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