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A straight shooter looking for a target!
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Tampa Florida United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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About Me

I am a guy that wears my heart on my sleeve, and I love to make people laugh. I have a very cynical sense of humor, and can find something funny about almost everything. While I really want a LTR, doesn't mean I don't want to meet you if you are not! Always willing to make a new friend, at least. Usually on my downtime you'll find me at the movies, a park, the beach, or relaxing at home, or many other things I enjoy. I am also just as comfortable curling up with that special someone and watching movies and eating a quiet dinner, or throwing a party and having all my friends over for drinks and poker. I can be very spontaneous, and love someone who is ready to go along for the ride. I enjoy all types of Music, from Beethoven to Biggie, from Mozart to Metallica. I am ready to settle down with the right person, but will never just settle. I Love to travel, even on spur of the moment if I have the cash. Been to Vegas, NYC, DC, and NOLA to name a few. Plan on making my skydiving jump very soon. I Don't mind talking about myself when asked, and I'm very open.

What defines me -
*I become most comfortable in situations when the best offense is a good defense. I seldom act aggressively towards others, but will demonstrate a passive resistance from time to time.
*I am a great listener.
*In new situations, I will warm up to the new people or event in my own time.
*I take pride in being very loyal to friends and family.
*I like to gather facts and think things over before offering a strong opinion. I usually am quick to think on my feet.
*I am very respectful of the needs and wants of other people.
*I tend to be a very calming influence in heated situations.
*I am good at reconciling.
*I am generally good at cooling down tense situations in a relationship.
*I am good at helping others to reach their goals.
*I am very supportive of other people.

What I'm Looking For

My ideal partner: (Don't be scared if some of these things aren't you. These are the things I truly want, but I am a great person to compromise! This comes from a compatibility report I did a few months ago)

*She tends to be caring, compassionate and sensitive towards the needs of others.
*She generally feels that she has a lot to offer the right person.
*She has a good understanding of what it takes to make a relationship work over the long haul. She wants to build a relationship that will last.
*She'll enjoy talking but won't pry too deep if I'm not in the mood for conversation.
*She can be spontaneous, and she might surprise me sometimes. She likes structure in her life, but she doesn't want to get stuck in a rut.
*She is content with her current status in life. She cares about her performance professionally and wants to be popular socially, but she isn't comparing herself to everyone around her.
*Like most people, she may feel down sometimes, but she's not likely to sink into hopelessness or take her bad mood out on others.
*She believes in herself, so she is willing to take the occasional risk. She wants to fit in but doesn't feel the need to change in order to do so. Her friends most likely describe her as someone who's secure.
*She should always try to find areas of common interest and involvement.
*She should be able to keep the conversation at the discussion level, rather than confrontational.
*She should be willing to take the time to be certain that we can reach an agreement and be responsive toward each others ideas and commitments. She should be willing to work to achieve mutual satisfaction in an argument.


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