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An Angel With Black Wings
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Hesperia California United States
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  Athletic, Average
  Clean Cut, Average
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About Me

I consider myslef to be a bit oldschool when it come to finding ouy who a person is at their core. I treat every woman I meet with the respect they deserve, and I won't challange your own limits. I have a caring personallity and can at times be ratrher gentle. I also want you to feel that you are safe from the world with me.

My past times that i usually defer to inculde Drawing, writting, and the occasional DJ session (still working on equipment). But from time to time I will turn on my xbox or sit down at my computer with an MMO (maplestory FTW!!). Sometimes though I like going to a place in Onterio called K1. Beyond that I like taking walks, hikes, just haning outand talking, or curling up on the couch with a movie or a TV series.

Right now I am working in the family business as a Masonry Tender (for those that want to know, Its working with blocks, bricks, stone vaneer, etc.). But I am also working towards becoming a Sound Technician for a recording studio by going to LARS (LA Recording School, a branch of LA Film School). You know that stuff you hear on the radio or hear in the movies? I would be responsible for making it sound good, and making the 5.1 work right. Basicly, anything that you hear, I could be wokring on.

So, Hit me up if I interest you. Even if I don't, hit me up anyway!

Oh! and for those that would lie to know and know what it means, I am a Dragon.

What I'm Looking For

I am Looking for somone who has a good grip on who they are, and just isn;t looking for somone to hop into bed with. If you can laugh easily, and enjoy the small things in life, are caring, and are willing to at least get to know me, then I just may be looking for you. I stay relitivly active, so somone who is active is appreciated. If you DON'T drink or smoke its a HUGE plus (I don't). Also, bright eyes and long hair are my two top weakensses.

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