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Artistic and geeky.... a fish out of water!
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  Age: 58   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Reno Nevada United States
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About Me

I've been told I am a mystery of opposites, such as: I am a computer geek and yet a real earthy person; a "nice" person (that label is so often the kiss of death isn't it) and supermom, who can't wait for her nest to really be empty LOL :)
(no, just (sort of) kidding there!)

But that's true for most don't you think? I believe most people have depth to the personality; and can't really be summed up succinctly.

So, simply put : I like myself and I think I am nice; your opinion is up to you ;)

I work in IT, I play in the arts, and my life is a drama-free zone :

I work in the land of IT. I am a Geek Extrordinaire and someone always has a computer for me to fix. I like the puzzle solving that goes into it. I have battled many viruses and trojans and not lost a single byte to any as yet - - yay ME!!

For fun, I enjoy photography; I love old things - like cities, buildings, things, history and culture; I Love Dancing, ( I belong to a local dance troupe), listening to music or looking for new middle eastern music (I use last fm ) and also - I direct a volunteer group for charity work.

What I'm Looking For

To be honest, I am not sure what I am looking for; it's just known when it shows itself. So I will say I am glancing.

What I believe to be important: Consideration. Kindness and Compassion, such valuable concepts; and while often discussed in theory, not so often displayed. Isn't that puzzling? And intelligence (without competition), another valued treasure in my opinion.

I am a passionate person, appreciative of humor, kindness, softness, strength, and extremely passionate of art and music. I love to dance. I love self expression. I tend to get silly :) I'm generally very happy, and have an easy going personality.

I'd be happy to meet someone who also enjoys their life and makes the most of it; a solid individual who feels family is important, has a reverence for life and nature, who can appreciate fine yet also simple things.


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