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lookin for that special someone :)
The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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  A few extra pounds
  None but want some soon
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About Me

Hey, my names Keyth, im pretty quiet until you get to know me and im like a teddy bear :) i love to cuddle ;), i like doing a little of everything, im usually up for anything.., im pretty laid back, i like to travel when i can and just kinda explore, i just turned 19 May 17th, i graduated, and yes i have a full-time job :) lol um just got out of a relationship, so kinda just looking for someone to talk to right now maybe more later on im a bit of a nerd i like to play games n stuff whenever i can but of course my mom and dad are also gamers hah well :) oh and usually you'll never catch me without a hat lol as you can see in all my pictures ;) my left ear is pierced, and i have one tattoo (at the moment) ;) oh..im not real big on long distance relationships mainly because gas is a *****, and my truck cant get enough of it.. lol, im fine with talking and maybe something could happen.. so ya. :)

for what im planning on doing in life..right now, im just working full time at Academy Sports and Outdoors, i work in the hunting and fishing section of the store, selling guns and whatnot lol, um, right now one of my main focus's is trying to lose weight, something I've always wanted to do is join the coast guard, and thats what i plan on doing, i love everything about it, its just what i want i guess :/ i always want to help people, my plan though.. basically is.. when i lose enough weight, enlist for 4 years.. active, then 4 years reserve, and hopefully while im in the reserves, i can go to college..then go back and try out for Officer and then retire from there :) then im going to get out and go toward something good in law enforcement

thing you should know about me, i love Star Wars., i dont care, everyone has something they love, and i like the imagination that goes into it, anyway :), i like movies like Armageddon, Saving Pvt Ryan, Underworld, Pearl harbor, Boon Dock Saints 1 and 2, Jurassic park Movies, The Simpson's Movie, Basically anything with Adam Sander and Kevin James in it :) lol, Resident Evil Movies,All the Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Robin Hood (newest one), Hell boy, Spider man, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo lol

For food, I BBQ all the time Love it, i really like Italian food, spaghetti, stuff like that, im weird about my burgers n stuff though.. i cant eat them with something on it, i have to have it plain lol, just meat and cheese lol,

for music, i love country, there's alot of songs that are inspiring, but of course i listen to rock and rap also.

What I'm Looking For

someone who i can learn everything about.
someone to enjoy life with and explore everything ;),
someone i can connect with on every level.
one who loves me for me..not what i have or cause they cant get any better :/, someone whos not afraid of commitment or children because i really do want children one day.
someone whos not afraid to play around with me.
someone who can spend hours just cuddling with me and watching movies without it being a bad thing :).
and lots of other stuff lol.


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