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Active Senior Looking for Active Senior Gentleman
Online: 2503 days ago   Updated: 2503 days ago   Joined: 2503 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 68   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Between Burleson Texas United States
The Details
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  Casual, Clean Cut
  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I am an active lady. I have 2 grown married children and 1 grandson, who is 3. I am still with Girl Scouts. I am a co-leader of a troop of older girls. I live in Johnson county. I am not naturally an outdoors person, but I do keep the yard mowed. And I'll get water on the few plants that need it. I have 4 cats who live with me. I go to a winery in Burleson on the 3rd Friday evening of each month when they do a Winedown. I am a Star Trek person and was sad that the Trek experience was no longer at the Hilton in Las Vegas when I was there in January. I have a website. I am working with an instructor to learn how to get traffic to it so it will make some money. I am retired, but extra play, travel, remodeling money would always be handy. I like to read. I am into new age or metaphysical. I am not into an organized religion. I sort of take good from many. I have been single now for about 2 years.
What I'm Looking For

I would want to anyone I meet to be able to support himself financially by this age. I do have a few health issues, mostly can be corrected by eating correctly. I would want someone who would support me in that. I expect a non-smoker. The man I am looking for is confident in himself without being a braggart. He knows himself and he knows that it will take time for two people to get to know each other. You have children and probably a grandchild or two. You have been through a divorce or two or more, but have used the process to learn and grow. You like animals. Maybe you have a craft or hobby such as wood working or leather craft. You like to eat out some, but sharing food prep and clean up at home is good also. You do like to share the other house chores so that is something we can do together. You like to travel and see new/old places. You may still be working, but have retirement in sight. Even after you retire, you plan on working at a part-time job or volunteering in some way for the community. Are you the soulmate I have been looking for?

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