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Life is more fun with someone special!
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  Age: 67   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Chicago Illinois United States
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About Me

I have a very happy and fulfilled life. I am a very social person and enjoy being with positive people for doing a great variety of things from dancing, stimulating conversation, discovering new restaurants, happy hours, hiking, theater, museums, fairs, concerts and plays, travel, trips to out of the way places etc. At home I like to read, cook and entertain. I like to do interesting things with fun people, but I am also comfortable spending some time alone at home. I exercise almost daily and I take good care of my physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health. I try my best to live a good life and to be a kind friend. And when dating I always remember that someone is trusting me with their heart.
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What I'm Looking For

I hope to find a special someone to share a wonderful life with.
I am ready for the best time of my life, how about you?????
I hope to find that special person to fall crazy in love with one last time. The kind of love where you can’t wait to see each other and your heart skips a beat anytime they call or enter the room. I truly believe that with the right person, it is all possible.

I am looking for a secure, happy man with compatible interests. I really do like to dance, so that would be a big plus! I am not looking to get married, but it would be great to have a special person in my life to hold my hand, laugh at my jokes and have romantic dinners with me.

I believe that in a good and healthy relationship no one is needy, greedy or high maintenance. You treat each other with a kind and gentle spirit. You do things for each other and help each other without being asked. You are honest with each other and settle differences though open communication and not game playing (we really are too old for that – LOL!!!). Although we are all looking for someone that shares some common interests with us, I think it is perfectly ok (and healthy) to have some separate interests. In a good relationship we don’t take away anything, we ADD to each other’s lives.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I hope to hear from you.


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