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Hey, i'm just looking for a real guy.
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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Winchester Virginia United States
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  Casual, Trendy
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About Me

Hey, i'm Ian and I like to think of myself as a smart, funny, caring, understanding, compassionate and overall awesome individual. Most people think of me as the kid with a crazy sense of humor that usually makes them laugh. I always try to be kind and awesome to everyone I meet. I feel that friendship is one of the most important things in life. I love to meet new people and I would love to chat more if your up for it . Overall, many would consider myself overly expressive and kinda offensive. Many times I don't care what other people think if it means I can't be myself. I just do me the best I can; Good or bad, you decide. Currently, I am going to school to study Psychology and I should be done within a year! I enjoy learning about the mind as well as other cultures, religions and languages. I'm semi-fluent in German (been awhile since I have spoken it) and I'm trying to learn Russian. I also enjoy artsy things like drawing and painting. I wear my heart on my sleeve as it were. Sometimes this has gotten me into trouble but I just keep on being the best guy I can be until a good guy comes along; you know how it goes...

+ I was born in El Paso,Texas
+ I have two Tattoos
+ I am an insomniac
+ I am an ENFP
+ My favorite colors are Green and Blue
+ I have ADHD like a mofo
+ I can be shy at times
+ I listen to mostly techno, industrial, alternative, trance and pop.

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What I'm Looking For

I want a guy who is real, honest, compassionate and understanding. I generally (not a rule) prefer men who are not African- American or Asian. I'm not racist, I just have a preference. However, personality plays a huge part on if I like you or not, no matter the race. People get more attractive when they are hot on the inside . This is also not a requirement, but I would love to meet a guy who has a kinky, fun side! I also like cubs .

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