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Soul mates or just a good connection
The Basics
  Age: 67   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Frankfurt Hesse Germany
The Details
Body Type:
  Yes - not living with me
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Sexual Orientation:
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About Me

I grew up in the states with German, American, Irish and Cherokee grandparents, have a dual national adult son, who I raised predominately as a single parent since he was six, I love life, people, and when people from all backgrounds, countries and cultures can connect ...as well as respect and value each other as human beings.

Some activities and interests
I enjoy my time with friends and family, getting together and talking till late in the night, sometimes cooking together, taking long walks and hikes in nature, dancing, skin and scuba diving, talking on the phone, keeping in touch with long distance friends in different countries, travel, having friends come to visit and vice versa, summer time street cafés, garden restaurants, parks, listening to diverse music, dancing, writing for fun beyond professional German and English language publishing as part of my work, politics and of course Barack Obama, enjoying contrast and diversity in life, people, countries, communication, etc.

Some places I have lived, spent time, worked or otherwise have a special connection with:

California, NYC, Chicago, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Turkey in general, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Southern Europe, India, Bali, Tahlequah, desert, swamps, wilderness, the sea.

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What I'm Looking For

Opposite sex qualities that get my attention:
First of all, that is very individual. In general, I like qualities such as: open in nature and thinking, warm hearted, dependable, has maintained a good figure, attractive (very individual), has an affectionate, loving and harmonious nature in everyday life, a good sense of aesthetics, sensuality, erotic, physical and emotional closeness, pure pleasure, communication, very open in sharing thoughts and feelings, loves sharing special or exceptional experiences in life, adventurous, and most of all has whatever it is that is often undefinable that gets my attention i.e. personal chemistry.

Important in a soul mate:
At the core is the ability and the commitment to love and a deep bonding of the hearts, taking each other into our hearts and accepting each other as we really are (rather love on second sight), acceptance, tolerance, underlying good will, balance in closeness and individual space the way it naturally fits to us both, a good portion of romantic idealism and the melting of two hearts forever and a day would be quite nice.


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