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chivalrous white knight
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: orlando Florida United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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About Me

i'm a pretty easy going guy, and i'm usually up for anything, and i like to think that i'll try anything once. but don't mistake that for laziness. once i set my mind to something, i am very determined and will do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals. my main passions are cars and music, i play guitar and mainly listen to metal from the '70's and '80's, but my interests are a little bit broader than that when it comes to music. i am also a fan of classical, especially piano and violin, old blues music and medieval/renaissance music, classic rock form the '60's and i like '50's music as well. i can also listen to anything except rap and hip hop, that's my one crutch.

i'm currently going to school to be an automotive technician, which is kind of like a doctor for cars, and doing very well with that so far. i've been in the top 3% of each class i've taken, and i'm in my 8th out of 17. i'll be graduating school in september at the moment, but i'm trying to get signed up for the BMW program, which would keep me in school for about another 15 weeks. once i graduate i want to find a job in a car dealership working on the cars and making a career out of that. when i'm not at work and no one i know is available to hang out, i like to work on my project car and doing what i need to to keep my daily driver on the road and functioning or go to disney since i have an annual pass. then there's also video games, netflix, my guitar, and nap time.

but like i said, i'm pretty easy going when it comes to anything except work or school, i'm just as fine sitting around the house all day cuddling and talking as i am going to the beach or an amusement park or doing whatever. hanging out, movies, honestly, i can have fun doing just about anything as long as i'm with someone i care about and love. i'm just starting to get into sports, but need to learn them since i know absolutely nothing other than the basics of how to play football, basketball, and baseball.

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What I'm Looking For

who am i looking for? honestly, this is the kind of thing where i can't explain it very well, but i'll know it when i meet her. i'm not very picky, but no drug users and i can't stand smokers. i don't drink at all, but i don't care if you do as long as you're not an alcoholic. really, that's about it that i can put here and be confident that i'm not being misleading. try talking to me if i don't try talking to you first and we'll go from there.

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