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Looking for that special someone ?
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Connecticut United States
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  A few extra pounds, Large
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About Me


My name is Ashley (sometimes Ash for short) and I’m eighteen.
I’m attracted to both guys and girls and I’m not someone who has a “type”. I believe in getting to know people to see how we click rather than judging them for what they happen to look like. I’d never treat someone that way because it just seems wrong. If anything, the only reasons I won’t date someone are because: they AREN’T for gay marriage, they’re abusive to animals, and/or they are seriously that shallow. >.<
I exercise every day, so no, I’m not lazy.
I’m a huge coffee addict. Seriously. LOVE IT TO DEATH. xD
I love to read yaoi mangas, watch horror movies, and read books and mangas in general. I enjoy writing as well, but don’t do it as much.
As far as my personality goes, it honestly varies: I’ll be loud and random for one thing and serious the next. It depends on what the situation is, but one thing is for sure: I’m really sarcastic. I use it to get through everything in life, and it sure helps a lot! (Hm. . . who thinks that was sarcasm right there? ;D )
All in all, give me a chance. We’re all human and looking for someone to love, right? ?

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What I'm Looking For

Well, I think I already sort of explained what I was looking for above, but since I need to fill this out in order to continue I guess I have no choice. : /

I'd like to date a guy or a girl - to me love is love and gender just happens to be an accessory. xD


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