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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Castro Valley California United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Very Short
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About Me

An additional chapter to my life has yet to be written, especially now that Im 30. However, the one major element to make this story more compelling and endearing, involves you. But before we begin our epic journey together, allow me to provide the prologue. I reside in the quaint little town of Castro Valley. Born and raised. I'm very extroverted, creative, and have an affinity for art, animation, and indie rock music. My aspirations in life are striving to be an animation director/creative writer while maintaining realistic goals of thriving on a life of contentment. Currently, I work as a graphic designer for a Disney subsidiary in their marketing department. Some would classify me as being eccentric, ambitious, and able to overcome conflict, but that's just a foreshadow of what transpired during my upbringing.
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What I'm Looking For

Now that special someone, who Ive quested for since the age of adolescence, would complete the empty void Ive felt for so long. Most importantly, that chemistry must stem from a mutual foundation of honesty, compassion, and support. In terms of maintenance, a woman should display a slim, yet presentable exterior, but not being hung up on vanity issues. The icing on this sundae would involve intelligence. Someone who exudes a passion for knowledge who can carry an engaging conversation. Someone how would enjoy a good book, a band with meaningful lyrics, or a film with an enthralling storyline. Though I am a man that enjoys nurturing my creativity, I also enjoy video games, running, waxing nostalgia and other recreational activities that Ill save for later. I can probably prattle on about my desires and my background, but Ill leave that open to the reader who happens to find this posting intriguing. Perhaps, you'll even be that supporting character who can give this novel its conclusion. =)

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