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  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

I am a man, in my 50's who enjoys rich or poor women, sex with the right woman, open minded about the way you are, outgoing, and independent I don't play these head games here or anywhere else. I work on pcs as a hobby. I can help you when you help me. I am a retired semi driver and laborer, who is on vacation now in Barbados, will you come to my rescue? I have to leave from here soon and don't have the funds. I talk real simple, but I am a writer of books. What I say is important for you to read. I am no fool and I travel a lot, all over the world. Born in the USA which now is a lost cause to me. I hope you can see your way to get me to you for our first meet. You will have to arrange all, since I have spent my life savings to be here, wasn't much anyway. I am loyal to who is loyal to me. When you decide what your man is going to be like for you for a really long time, then make up your own mind. I really don't care about material things. In my life my world has been like a war zone all my life, so I don't care about what happens. Stop blaming all people from America for how the world is. Not all Americans are the same. The dating game is just a meeting place in life. I hope I never go back to USA, but it may be a have to. Look at yourself first, now you will learn how to live a real life with me when you meet me. I live in the real world and most of you live in a fantasy world. Here is to the lucky lady who will marry me. I am quite serious about what I say here. Let me introduce myself my name is AL BRAD nice to meet you
What I'm Looking For

outgoing woman, open minded, rich or poor, marriage in mind, willing to relocate, have her own bank money, and or house will provide for her man when her man is loyal to her, willing to share what is hers so her man will share what it his, when you meet me and I have nothing then you will still love me for what I am not what I tried to be. understand that her man is more than willing to live and love only her. I see that many people do exist that fit this type of personality just they don't realize it. When you read here and understand I am not playing a game then you will realize I hope you are looking for more than just a date. serious inquiries only have a great time looking for your dream when you want a real person contact me then we will learn about each other more.

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