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Seeking good looking, balanced woman.
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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Watervliet New York United States
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  None but want some soon, None
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About Me

Hello, I'm A.K.K.

I'm back in the dating pool and looking around to date and eventually see about forming a serious relationship if things go well.

If you bring out fun times in me I cut loose and make heavy use of sarcasm and absurdist humor in a weird mixture of slow and fast witticisms. This only comes out with people that are "on level" and there is generally a learning curve there.

I have three jobs and a bunch of hobbies.

I manage a restaurant department, I have a side business where I build websites/perform other media production for various businesses in the capital region and I make industrial/metal EDM.

Currently I'm looking to change the first job into a career in banking or state work.

Things I like to do with my free time include PBP RPGs, Video Games (I binge on them a few months out of the year and then stop, it's a love/hate thing), Music Production, Writing, and recently I've started hitting the gym again after years away to add a little muscle to my physique. It's going rather well.

Some things I'm recognized for (or hold accolades in) are (in no particular order): my insight, absurdist humor, writing ability, social engineering, musicianship (mostly digital), philosophic views, (formerly) poetry, performance art (stage shows), artistic paintings, and web design.

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What I'm Looking For

Girls who like guys
Ages 22–33
Near me
Who are single

You are female, rather good looking, reasonably sane most of the time and comfortable in your own skin.

Having an education and career = awesome.

About messaging me for the first time:

1) Tell me something I didn't read in your profile. If I'm responding, I did read your profile, very likely in full, possibly your questions as well in order to see your answers and explanations.

2) Tell me something you find interesting about/are curious about/have in common with me. More than one is cool, but at least one would be great.

3) Make an effort to be social. If you can't converse at all it will be a big turn off and you will be added to the pile of the forgotten/hidden. I'm not saying you have to be sparkling and bubbly or overly flirty, but a series of one word answers is a no-go. Have some confidence and be prepared to talk about yourself and your goals/interests.

4) If you already have kids you'll have to be a really special lady to keep me interested. I do want children but would prefer to find a special woman and make my own. Having children does not make a relationship with me impossible, but it is a decided complication that would need to be handled delicately.


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