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Cooler then the otherside of the pillow......
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Colorado United States
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About Me

I'm putting this out to the world. You see, I've lost my smile. I'm not really myself without it. I have a few good leads that give me hope that it maybe found, including a vague description. She appears to be between 23 and 32 years old and about 4'10" to 5'11". She loves sports and can be found at any stadium. If this person can be found, i can offer a reward of a lifetime of devotion, long slow kisses that last for days, midnight massages, a partner that loves to cook and doesn't mind sharing in the household chores, a shoulder to lean on, and someone who will hold you at night. If you think you may have found my smile, please e-mail me as I really need it to be myself. Thanks.

1. I'm not looking for sex.
2. I'm not here because I'm destitute.
3. I'm not here because I'm desperate.
4. I'm totally an independent, single father of 3 girls. They’ve got a mother … no need for another.
5. I don't think I’m better than others ... just different.
6. I worked hard for my money, I don't need welfare cases ... but if I love you ... I will spoil you rotten.
7. Just because I can't spell ... don't think I’m dumb.
8. Just because I prefer 5 star hotels ... don't think I cannot camp in the bush under the stars.
9. Just because I drive nice cars and convertibles ... don't think I'm a womanizer... I only share with the ones I love ...
10.Because of all this ... don't think I’m full of s^*t ... I’m actually peaceful... and laid back.

SO...if you can look past my big ears.... love kids...and be a good fun loving, adventurous, friend... then contact me!

PS also a woman who:

* Who`s head always finds the right spot on my shoulder
* With ease fit into my arms and rest her cheek on my chest
* May take hours to get dressed but in the end it makes it all worthwhile, when my face lights up at the picture of you..
* The way you fish for compliments even though we both know that I think you are the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world...
* Your choice of sexy stiletto strapped sandals and leather boots, and the fact that you actually wear them, simply because you know I like it when you wear them, even though your feet kills you after a while....But you know I`ll massage them for you afterwards..
* How cute I think you are when we argue and you dig your heels in to make a point and be heard
* The way your hand always finds mine when you are vulnerable or insecure
* The way you smile and feel when you see my name on your mobile unexpectedly
* The way you sit with your legs sometimes crossed or tucked in under you, in a sexy way, or twine a leg through mine in a public place
* The way that you kiss me when I least expect it
* The way you fit/fall into my arms when you want to cuddle or cry or when you are tired or sad
* Then the way you apologize for crying over something silly..
* The way you say "I miss you" when we are apart
* When you say "I love you" and I know that it's for REAL!!!Cause your eyes tell me so...

If you feel you can handle most of that...

I`m Your Man!!

What I'm Looking For

The woman of my dreams.What I am looking for if you read the above statements then you know what i am looking for. LOL LOL

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