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Hey ... I'm here! But for a limited time only!!!
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The Basics
  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Ojai California United States
The Details
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Short, Medium
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About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping at my profile. I just decided to try my luck on here and as of January 2012, I'll be living in Ojai! I lived in Ventura from 95-06 and as well as my day job, I was a karaoke host around town from Camarillo to Ojai, Oakview to Carenteria and in SB as well! So if you think you recognize my face, that's probably where you seen it (Unless you've been to the post office lately) LOL

I'm easy going and close with my family. I love to play music and listen to music and art is a love of mine as well.and I am very creative! I love to write, but I write like I talk... toooo much! I like going ANYWHERE in California! I am in AWE of it's beauty from the beaches to the mountains and the desserts ... incredible!

I'm looking for someone with my interests, young at heart (if you're my age or older) and there has to be chemistry! If there's no spark right away ... well you can bang two rocks together to try for a spark ... when all you need is a good match! Good Luck! J~

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What I'm Looking For

Well to be honest, I'm NOT looking for any PARTICULAR type or look in a women.
Of course I must find you attractive but what is attractive to me, may not be so attractive to others because beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder!

If you're not fit or at least don't look fit, then we probably won't be a match because I feel a need to find my partner attractive! Again ... doesn't matter what color your hair is or ho long it is or how tall or short you are .... we just have to have that much in common from the start and then we can see how we feel about the person underneath it all!

I don't date black women, but I wouldn't count it out but I find Latin women get my blood pumping. Being Latin myself and from Detroit, I've never dated any when I lived there because the only Latina's I knew were related to me! Here in California there are many to choose from! Although I've always ended up with blonde white girls and I'm not being stereotypical here ... it's just the way it is!

I'm not here saying "if you're Latin ... I wanna date you!? I'm just saying if you're interesting and cute in my eyes ... I want to know you better. that's all!


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