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Hola fella's, lets see where this leads !!.
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  Age: 56   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Charleston West Virginia United States
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About Me

Loyalty, trust, and honesty means everything to me. If I can't trust you, well obviously that makes you irrelevant to this gal. Not so sure about meeting someone in this manner but who knows... Some say I can be sarcastic, and oh yeah that's on purpose lol! I love animals, children, elderly and somehow find myself fitting in with the crazy community as well~ go figure! I tend to treat others accordingly, like to have fun and make people laugh.
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What I'm Looking For

I will absolutely know when I find you but will do my best to describe this mystery man to the world. As mentioned above I won't have anything less than the whole loyalty, trust, and honesty mindset.This will of course seem shallow to some but I'm attempting to create a visual effect, keep in mind I don't expect someone to magically have all these qualities, but if you're out there~ find me!! I'm usually attracted to tall, tan complexion, muscular, tats are great too. Attitude wise, you're going to need one if you expect to hang with me, and probably survive with me. I think we all know if we have it or not, just saying 😉 This mystery man should treat others accordingly as well, be nice, don't be afraid to be yourself even if that means you need to stroll to the left sometimes, I don't want perfection- just perfect to me. Have a voice, stand up for what you believe in if not we will eventually part ways and why waste anyone's time?! So, do we all have a visual yet, an idea of what this stranger would be most interested in, anything..??
You work with me, and I'll work with you.


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