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Looking for a good man
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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: California United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Clean Cut
  Yes - living with me
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  Very Long
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About Me

I'm looking for someone that doesn't play games or lie and treats me right. I'm looking for something that can turn into something serious, no flings or intimate encounters.

I have never drank alcohol, smoked or done drugs.
I'm a very clean person, inside and out.

Very shy at first until I get to know a person. I'm also very quiet, act mature, smart, really nice, sweet, have manners and I am very honest. I like to always be clean, I'm well groomed and I like being well organized. I have a been told that I have a nice very light tanned complexion and that I have nice white teeth.
I am good-hearted and minded and I don't party, but I do love dancing. I am a dancer by heart. I'm not stuck up at all, I'm actually a really nice humble girl. I'm not arrogant or conceited. The only thing I ever really get super excited about is when I talk about karate. I don't have any tattoos, I'm really clean. One of the things I absolutely love is reading about law and health. I can get lost in reading sometimes, I read too much. There is so much to learn, every time I think I know it all, I learn new things that make me question things.

I have done modeling, but I do not want like to talk about it because most models are stuck up and I do not want to be stereotyped. I'm a humble down to earth person, plus I'm really shy at first. Most of my pictures are from pre-modeling shoots or events, that's why they are a little sexy.
I'm not crazy like most girls, I can hold a serious normal conversation that doesn't involve girlie stuff.

I'm in great shape, I do Martial arts and I love it. It's my passion. I usually work-out about 6 days a week because it is very intense.

I can't stress the fact that I'm a really healthy person, I don't eat junk food or put anything into my body that harms it. My body is a temple.

What I'm Looking For

"I AM ONLY ATTRACTED TO WHITE MEN." SORRY IF IT OFFENDS ANYONE. I know I'm Hispanic, but "I'm not attracted to Hispanic men" or any other ethnicity, other than white. Sorry I'm just being honest.

I'm looking for a man who is: "FAITHFUL", "CARING" "HONEST", "SERIOUS", loving, clean and not overweight.

YOU SHOULD MESSAGE ME IF: You are a hard working man, faithful, honest, caring, loving, clean, drug-free, drama-free, single, have a full-time job and car, do not live with your parents, have manners, no baby's mom drama, don't have a beard or long hair and don't smoke cigarettes or do drugs. I don't like thugs or gangster. I like nice classy clean men.

I want a man who I can call my own and never have to worry about getting my heart broken, someone I can tell my secrets to and know that I can trust them.

I love smart guys I value an intellectual guy, over a hot guy a million times more.

I WANT A MAN WHO IS A GENTLE MAN, NO EXCEPTIONS! A man that opens doors and treats me good & nice. I want a man that honestly care about me and my feelings. Please do not message me if you are a rude, arrogant, jerk, ghetto, person. I don't like cheap guys who can't pay on every date. You can either be thin, lean, skinny, or athletic. I don't expect you to be buffed out, just not fat. I do not want a fat guy, I work out a lot and being fat and unhealthy is just unacceptable to me.


NOTE: ***** Most guys get intimidated because they think I'm too pretty and that I won't talk to them, but don't let that stop you from messaging me. I care way more about the way a person treats me, than being with a hot guy! Hot guys are usually cheaters! I never go for really hot guys because they are usually the worst guys.

If you live far from me (45min.+)you have to be willing to come my way as I do not have a car. I recently moved here to Maryland from across the country.

If you do not have a picture and or are over 35 I will not respond as well.
If you want to go out with me you should just ask me I'm way to shy to ask a guy even if I really liked him.
I love tall guys, so please be in between 5'10-6'4. I know I'm small & petite(5'3), but I'm just being honest about my preference.

I dont like guys that pretend to be something they are not, please just be honest.


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