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Do these dating websites really work?
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Washington United States
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About Me

gotta love writing these things about yourself, usually more interested on hearing other peoples life stories.

I am just a simple man who has worked from the bottom up. I am pretty random at certain times and i don't get embarrassed easily. Off the wall sense of humor and at times can be a little crude and vulgar, but not a douche bag roll. Hey, it's better than being boring and dry sense of humors just don't cut it.

I work alot which is find because it keeps me busy during the week. You can either catch me at the gym or book stores now hahah, I like too read and watch alot of movies, really into horror movies, my collection of dvds has sky rocketed since the past year.

I hang with friends, family as much as I can and when i do it's usually somthing simple like, goin out too eat or watching a movie, the bar grabbin some drinks or even somtimes, but rarely a club. Being 28 too 34 at the club is not that cool anymore guys haha.

I am a korean adoptee so if your curious about my screen name it was what the orphanage named me while i was there in taigu city south korea, and when i flew into the states at six months old, i got renamed of course by my american family which i may add is just as good as blood too me.

ok done writing a novel, i guess with these websites you win some and ya lose some so will see what happens right?

What I'm Looking For

Somone who isn't afraid too be themselves and doesn't have too follow with the crowd. Somone sweet, sincere, honest and knowing that she will stand by my side if things ever get kind of crazy or through rough times down the line. I'm not judgemental but I have too find attraction towards the one I am with, somone simple is all

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