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Looking for someone who is fun and open minded...
Online: 2240 days ago   Updated: 2247 days ago   Joined: 2280 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Portland Oregon United States
The Details
Body Type:
  None but want some soon
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Hair Colour:
  Black, Brown
About Me

I never know what to say in these thing... to be honest, I think they are kind of stupid.... if you want to get to know me strike up a conversation.... I suppose I'm on here because I am lonely.... I'm too shy in person to strike up a conversation, and I'm not the girl that guys at the bars hit on....plus meeting men at bars is just not my style. I'm likely to pick beer and board games over drinks and dancing... I am kind of a nerd in hiding :)

I'm kind of quirky and tend to do my own thing; I'm pretty dependent, but want someone to share life with. I'm a huge snuggler, and I am very affectionate. I tend to like men who are a little older and more stable(as in know what they want, not financially), and know how to treat a woman. I do NOT believe that chivalry is dead, and flowers are always appropriate, and shouldn't just be sent for special occasions or apologies. I believe in cooking dinner for my man, and snuggle up to a movie and a rainy night. Like I said, I'm quirky.

My personality type is: INFJ

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What I'm Looking For

Message me if:
You're awesome. If you like the beach. If you are a dog person. If you like thrift shops. If you like coffee. If you think I'm attractive. If you want to hang out. If you can make me laugh. If you like icees. If I can make you laugh. If you think butters is the best South Park character. If you like to snuggle.

***Please do not message me if:
You're a douche bag.
You're a Twilight fan.
You reference Jersey Shore in your profile.


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