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Hello world, hello ladies.....
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  Age: 44   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Iowa United States
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You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other membersStimulate my mind and you'll keep me captivated forever.
I'm single, never married, I date frequently but unsuccessfully able to find a soul mate. I'm not complaining though, I have fun and they do too. I'm not what I would refer to as playa' material. I am honest, sometimes brutally honest, compansionate and uncompromising. I either like what I see or like what I hear, but hardly ever both. I play for keeps, I don't meddle, I say what I mean and I do what I say. Most of the time.
I have no children, much to the dismay of my Mother. I would consider having children with the right woman. So what is the right woman??????
I'm looking for a woman who acts like a woman not a little girl. I know how to please a woman. She should feel soft and smell sweet. She will respond to the slightest of my touches, which will be often. I like to touch a woman any where at any time. When the fancy strikes I can't resist myself. I'm looking for someone who wants and enjoyes sex and doesn't mind pushing the boundry from time to time. I'm not suggesting anything too kinky, but costumes and foreplay may be just the thing from time to time. I'm not into pain though, sorry, no whips or bondage.
She should enjoy wearing dresses, skirts, and stockings, I like the way a womans legs look, don't hide them from me, let me enjoy them. I enjoy seeing the curves of a womans body as she moves throughout her day. Yes, I'm watching and it turns me on. I'm not going to apologize. I want her to surrender to me and trust me.
She needs to be adventurous and willing to try new things. She needs to see the humor and adventure in the here and now. She needs to know I'm going to take care of her and just let go. I fly by the seat of my pants from time to time and she needs to trust me. Laugh with me when we're out of control.
I want to see her dance just for me, make love to me by looking at me. She will always let me know that she adores me. I will see it in her smile and the brightness of her eyes when she sees me.
Ok, I'm moving in a different direction now. I'm also looking for a well educated person who can carry a conversation and has well thought out opinions. You don't have to agree with me but you better be ready to explain your position when I challenge you. That doesn't mean college educated but you have to be interested in things. I'm too long in relationships with women who just aren't interesting, don't talk much, don't have opinions, don't take what they want, are always waiting for me to lead. I hate when I ask a woman what she wants and she says "I don't care, you pick". Drives me nuts, if I offer a choice sieze the opportunity to show me your preferrences and likes. Why else would I ask if I didn't want to know. When I ask you for input I want your input.
I prefer brunettes, the darker the better, redheads next, it's the Irish in me. I like a woman with a figure, doesn't have to be a size 2. I like larger and smaller women both. I like a pretty face, attracted to high rounded cheek bones that frame the eyes. Heart and oval shaped faces with long smiles. I like to kiss on a long slender neck line. I like long hair but have also liked short styled hair. It really depends on the shape of the face if short hair works well.
Ok, so that sounds pretty shallow but it's out there and that's what I'm looking for. A one in a million shot. Love is a give and take so just because I put it in writing doesn't mean I wont change mind for you. Now what you get for taking a chance.
I'm conservetive to a point, I do like the old ways and get sentimental about things. I sometimes shave with a straight razor and drive a 30 year old Jeep. I do things the hard way because I want to. I choose to be the way i am. I'm very progresive in other ways, I do not like either political party and think the whole thing is a sham. I'm very tolerant of others and their beliefs. I think we should all just try to get along.
Personal interest include motorcycles, Jeeps, Live sporting events, live music, spiritual travel, adventure travel, and oh yeah vacation travel. I love to travel. Did I tell you I like to travel. This year I spent 9 weeks on the road, mostly for work. It doesn't matter to me, I enjoy just getting out of my office. Travel allows me to both experience entirely new ways to see the world and recognize the similarities that should bring man together. The amazing thing is that no matter where you go people are always nice, sometimes overly nice. It's my saving hope for humanity.
I am pretty conservative when it comes to music. I like the old stuff, there just aren't too many young bands pushing the limits. I like classic rock, punk rock, 70's, 80's and 90's. Some modern rock is good but it's gotta have edge to it. When I'm feeling mellow I'll chill out to James Taylor, Leslie Feist, Diana Krall, or Norah Jones. When I'm in a really good mood I run the gauntlet anything from Velvet Revolver and Wolfmother, the Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat. I have a fairly diverse interest in music. I'm not big into country and western, I'll listen to it but don't ask me who sings it. I only like the beasty boys when it comes to rap.
Movies, movies, movies, I'm a zombie man myself, always have been, always will be. I like westerns, sci-fi, action, suspense, some horror (well developed plots vs. just stupid), A good drama that isn't too sappy, sorry ladies, no lifetime network here.
I don't watch TV, couldn't tell you anything about the hot shows this fall. I did watch a few episodes of Fringe, I liked that one. people ask me all the time, how do I live without TV, peacefully. I don't follow the news either, not even weather. I like to live on the edge.
My interest in literature is purely non-fictional. I do read more than most men do, not as much as most women do though. I am considering expanding my mind with some Hemingway and Twain. I was never interested in the classics as a young man but now I see some benefit to learning the old ways of thinking.
I was recently asked who my personal hero was. I said "me". I don't think one should strive to become someone else, decide who you are and be that person, be the very best that you can be. I'm still working on this one myself.
So, I can fix a car, a leaky faucet, or your heart. I'm a handy guy to have around. Chat soon.

What I'm Looking For

Crazy woman a little kinky would nice, free spirit.c Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Oh, please don't tell me you're looking for a nice guy. Would you really want me if I wasn't just a little naughty?


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