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Looking for someone fun!
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Tewksbury Massachusetts United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

Ok honesty, I Have been married once it did not work out jumped directly into another not giving myself time. Well I have given myself time and I want to find a girl who is wanting to start slow and build something solid. I do not own my own house but I obviously have my own place I rent Im not rich maybe in a year when my early retirement is done. A lot of my money go to my son so I know he is taken care of, I do see him a alot he does nt live with me but stays over sometimes. I am in the process of finding a new car so at the moment I use another. I was in the military for quite sometime but dont worry I am not an asshole I am very laid back. I do not drink or do I go to bars or clubs i can not dance. I smoke cigarettes an I do not do any drugs an will never. I am tall few inches over 6 feet and weight around 170lbs. I love sports do I watch every game that is on TV no, I like shows like csi miami, house, sons of anarchy, sopranos and others. I love movies I can spend my weekend do work around the house cuddling or visiting friends and family. When its not winter I like to camp, fish, hike, walk the beach at night, check out random museums, go to the aquarium and anything relaxing or fun. Now like every guy out there I have a high sex drive but not ridiculous I will only sleep with who I am in a relationship with. I do not have a certain type of girl I look for when it comes to looks if you catch my eye and I like the person you are when I get to know you a little, thats how I am. Size and looks do not matter, your either attracted to the person or not no bullshit.
Well thats my honesty, maybe I will hear from someone soon. Thanks for reading if you did.

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What I'm Looking For

Someone to spend time with! Long term Relationship. Please do not message me with no intent of meeting some day I would like a real relationship sorry I know I sound like a jerk

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